Saturday, January 12, 2008

Review: "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"

Hi my name is Hazel. I and my family went to a movie called the “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.” I am here to tell you what it was about. Well it had this song called “Rock Monster” instead of “Rock Lobster.” I thought it was really funny and good. When it was done while I and my mom, Cathy, were in the bathroom I said, “We should rent or buy this movie .” I mean the movie I’m talking about. Let me give you a tip now. I think you should rent the movie when it comes out, or see it at the movie theatre, take my advice. It’s a Veggie Tales movie for kids.

I’ll tell you what it’s about. It’s about a show but it turns into a real big mess. Well, you see, this prince and princess they got captured by the king’s brother. So she got a help-seeker that her father had made, it’s just a little device. So she told the help-seeker that they really needed big help, so she told it, “We need heroes. Go out and find some.” And it brought back the three people.

It was really funny because it was a rowboat, and this guy said, “Oh, this is just good. Now we will go and tell our girlfriends the good news and the bad news. I lost my job as a cabin boy in the show, but the good news is that I got a rowboat!” That was really funny, as well as the cheese curls. They were little biting ones.

I like the part where the guy who was just pretending to fight the people off the ship. The sea monster that was electric was just pretending to be a real monster. It was mechanical. The part where the guy said “The blue ball’s beeping” because he thought it was time to go home, it was funny. It was funny because he thought it was time to go home. –Harry.

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connectioneditors said...

Hi, Hazel,

I'm glad that you and your family enjoyed the movie.
I'm afraid that Casey and Kate are not as brave as you
and Harry. We went to the movie on Saturday night,
but had to leave before it was over. Casey and Kate
were scared by the cheese curls' big teeth!
--Anne Bloom