Sunday, June 29, 2008

WALL*E: Just liked it (it's cool).

WALL*E was a junkyard robot. The junk squares are trash made into squares. (Hazel's illustration--Click to enlarge the image.)

Hello, it's me, Hazel. I am here to tell you about a movie. It's called WALL*E. It was about a robot. The robot's name is WALL*E. He was a junkyard robot. One day a spaceship came down and let another robot come out. Its name was EVE. When EVE and WALL*E met, they became friends. That is all I want to tell you. If you want to learn more....see it for yourself. I liked it very much because it was a good film, a nice adventure and I just liked it.

Harry's illustration of EVE (flying) and WALL*E (on the ground). (Click to enlarge the image.)

WALL*E the robot met a robot named EVE. I liked the movie because EVE was cool. Because she had powers. She could turn her hand into a gun. She could fly. She didn't have a neck. It was neat because she could still float around without losing her head. When she slept it was cool because her hands would go into her sides, and her blue eyes would close. --Harry

Area theatres. Rated G. 103 minutes.

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