Friday, November 14, 2008

Madagascar 2: "Go See It."

Hi it’s me again Hazel!

We watched Madagascar2. They (as in the people who made the movie) showed Alex as a baby. Alex is the lion, King of New York. Marty, the zebra, gets mad because Alex can’t tell him apart with all the new zebras that he met up with. On the other hand, Gloria, the hippo, is mad because everything is going wrong for her. And Melvin, the giraffe, is going to sacrifice his own self because he wants to give water to the people.

Gloria doesn’t let that go, and this evil enemy, Alex’s dad’s evil enemy is acting all nice even though he really isn’t. He does some things so that he can be king, instead of Alex’s dad. He makes up a bunch of lies so that Alex goes out to where he shouldn’t be and winds up almost getting hunted and getting wacked by an old lady.

I approve, and I hope that everybody goes to see the movie. It was really funny. I liked this part when one of those little ring-tailed lemurs, the king, said, “It’s much funner when you put your hands up like this, Weeeeeee!”

And I liked the parts when one of the monkeys put out pictures of the captain of the penguins kissing the doll, and talking to the doll, and asking the doll if it would go out on dates.

Hi my name is Harry. I wanted to tell you about Madagascar2. There was a lion who wanted to be the king. He tried to take the real king’s staff. He tricked Alex the Lion’s dad to go out of the place where he was supposed to be, and then he took the staff. Then Alex’s dad went in to the place where he shouldn’t be and he ends up finding Alex’s dad, and they had no water, and then there was a dam, and the people made the dam, and they kept all of the water to themselves, and then the animals couldn’t have any more water.

And the penguins in Madagascar made a helicopter. It was a bucket and the penguins drove the helicopter, and it broke the dam and then the animals could have water again.

I liked the movie and whoever reads this should go see it, if it’s still in the movie theatres. I liked it because it was sort of funny and once Alex’s mom said, “When he was a little kid, he called his blanket “foo-foo,” and this was funny because he was a big lion then, and his mother gave him his foo-foo, and he and his dad were tugging the foo-foo, and Alex said, “Give me back my foo-foo.”

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